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    1. Diamond Blade, Diamond SegmentsOur diamond blade or diamond segments come with evenly distributed diamond particles within the bond. Its cutting efficiency is increased by 50% as compared with its counterparts, and the lifespan of diamond blade or diamond segment is 1.3-2 times of that of traditional cutting blades and segments.
    1. Granite Diamond BladeThe granite diamond blade is designed for cutting stone slabs, including granite, sandstone, and various other stone materials with quartz. With advantages of smooth cutting, few chip production, long service life and reliable performance, the diamond saw blade can be used on various bridge cutting machines ...
    1. Marble Diamond BladeIt is suitable for cutting granite, sandstone, and various other kinds of soft stone material without quartz. This saw blade is characterized by smooth cutting, few cutting chips, long lifespan and reliable performance, and can be used on various hand held cutting saws and bridge cutters.
    1. Block Granite Diamond BladeThe block granite diamond blade is ideal for cutting granite blocks and tombstone materials. It is commonly used on bridge cutting machine and single arm cutting equipment for cutting granite material, sandstone and other material containing quartz.
    1. Block Marble Diamond BladeHUADA block marble diamond blade provides an ideal solution for cutting marble blocks, limestone, and all kinds of soft stones without quartz. It is suitable for wet cutting, and sufficient water is necessary. It offers fast cutting speed and reliable performance as well as long service life.
    1. Granite Diamond Blade (Multi-saw)The granite diamond blade is mainly used for cutting granite rough blocks and slabs. It features low energy consumption and long service life, and offers high efficiency and smooth cutting edges. The granite diamond saw blade is suitable for wet use only, and sufficient water is necessary during cutting.
    1. Horizontal Cutting Diamond BladeHUADA horizontal cutting diamond blade is commonly used on a granite multi-saw blade cutting machine and a marble block cutting machine to cut granite and marble slabs.
    1. Marble Gang Saw Cutting SegmentThe gang saw cutting segment shown on this page is manufactured for cutting marbles. It is mainly used on a gang saw which is mainly composed of cutting segments and a steel strip. It is highly efficient and energy saving, and offers fast cutting speed and smooth cutting edges.
    1. Stone Diamond Dry CutterDry cutter is designed for occasions where water is not available or desired. It runs on high rotational speed machines and is air cooled.
    1. Diamond Segments (Multi-Use)Diamond segment is a main part of diamond tools. We provide diamond segments for granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, and other stone cutting applications, and also for ceramic, concrete, and asphalt cutting applications.
    1. Arix Diamond Blades, Diamond SegmentsThe Arix diamond segment has evenly-dispersed diamond grits embedded in the bonding matrix. With a cutting efficiency 50% higher and a tool life 30%~100% longer than that of a common cutting blade, our arix diamond blade cuts superbly well on marble, granite, concrete, brick, and asphalt.

The stone cutting tool is also known as slab cutting tools, and can be classified into hand held saw blade, laser blade and silent blade, etc. According to customers' requirements, we can offer different types of stone cutting blades, such as that for general use, granite cutting, marble cutting, and artificial stone cutting, etc.

Currently, we have been specialized in manufacture and supply of various stone cutting tool and finishing tools for over 10 years, and if you have any need on diamond saw blade, diamond polishing pads, diamond cup wheel and block marble diamond blade, etc., please feel free to contact us.

To suit customers' varied demands, we can offer diamond cutting tools in different specifications. To illustrate, we can offer Ф800-Ф1600mm diamond multi-blades, Ф105-Ф3500mm diamond single blade, diamond segments, gangsaw segment, diamond grinding polisher, core drill, diamond grinding wheel, and diamond wire, etc. which are widely used for cutting and grinding granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, and ceramics, etc.

Please use high frequency silver soldering to make the brazing if you only order diamond segments, and do not use Fire to braze the segment to the saw blank; otherwise the diamond will be damaged and thus the cutting performance of stone cutting tool will be influenced (reduced)!

While placing an order for the stone cutting tool, please specify the following information: 
Diameter of saw blade (Inch or mm)
Inner Hole Size (Inch or mm)
Installation hole (If there is, the drawing is needed)
Silent or None Silent Saw Blade?
Segment No. (how many pcs segments are needed for each piece of blade)
Segment Size (L x W x H, if possible please tell us the desired Steel Core thickness)
Use of saw blade (For cutting of granite, or marble, or limestone, or sandstone, or any other kind of material) 
Quantity (How many pcs, or how many segments are required)
Machine Powder/RPM (If possible) 
Expected Shipping Date 
Special Requirements

If only segments are ordered, please specify the following information: 
Diameter (Inch or mm)
Segment No. (how many pcs segments are required for each piece of blade) 
Segment Size (L x W x H, if better to inform the Steel Core Thickness) 
Use of saw blade (For Granite, marble, limestone, Sandstone. or other material) 
Order Quantity
Machine Power/RPM, Feed Speed, Normal Cutting Depth (If possible) 
Expected Shipping Date 
Special Requirements (If there is)

Huada is a professional stone cutting tool manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer diamond blade, grinding cup wheel, concrete diamond segment, marble cutting diamond wire saw, quarry wire saw machine, and much more.