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    1. Diamond FickertA diamond fickert, a brick-shaped diamond polishing block, is a bond of diamond particles and metal powder or metallic compound powder. It is designed for grinding and polishing the surface of various kinds of stone slabs in automatic polishing lines. It has the feature of high working efficiency and long service life.
    1. Granite Polishing AbrasivesOur granite polishing abrasive, a kind of magnesite abrasive, is suitable for rough calibrating and smoothening for common granite and marbles in automatic polishing machines. It has characteristics like stable performance, extremely high efficiency, low energy consumption.
    1. Diamond RollerThe diamond roller is a tool designed for smoothening granite slab and tile's surfaces, thus facilitating the calibration of granite thickness. We can offer diamond rollers with different lengths and diameters as well as segment quantity to suit the needs of machines under different brand names.
    1. Grinding Cup WheelThe grinding cup wheel is mainly used for grinding and burnishing surfaces of marble, granite and concrete materials at construction sites. Sintered, brazed and electroplated grinding cup wheels can be supplied according to customer's requirements.
    1. Diamond Profile WheelProfile Wheel Shape (Full Bull Nose, or 1/2 or 1/4 Bull Nose, or others?)Use of Profile Wheel (For Granite, or marble, or other material)Detailed Description with Photo.
    1. Diamond Polishing PadHUADA diamond polishing pad is designed for smoothly re-grinding and re-polishing granite and marble surfaces, and it is usually mounted onto a hand polishing machine.
    1. Diamond Core DrillOur diamond core drill is manufactured for use in construction industries. It can be used for drilling holes on stone and concrete walls, and is ideal for creating holes for air-conditioner system, pipe installation, and more. The drill stem diameter ranges from 22mm to 1219mm.
    1. Semi-Metal Edge Polisher for GrindingThe semi-metal edge polisher for grinding is used on the resin bonded diamond grinding tool. Huada Company manufactures optimal resin bonded diamond grinding tool to grind and polish a variety of natural stone materials.
    1. Semi-Metal Chamfering Grinding WheelThe diamond grinding tool adopts the high-quality diamond and the resin binder which is made of high performance resin. It features long durability and high grinding efficiency and has an outstanding advantage in polishing high-grade materials.
    1. Bullnose Grinding WheelThe resin bonded diamond grinding wheels are used for polishing all the stones including natural stone and synthetic stone into the bull nose shape. This tool is used on the bullnose polishing machine.
    1. Frankfurt Type Grinding WheelThe resin frankfurt type abrasive block could polish the marbles and synthetic marbles including the resin and cement-based materials.
    1. Marble Grinding PlatesThe resin bonded diamond plate with Velcro lock is used on the automatic line polisher to polish the natural marbles and synthetic marbles including resin and cement-based materials. This plate is easy to install and dismantle.
    1. Granite Grinding FikertThe resin grinding fikert is suitable for polishing the granite slab and batten.
      Grits Available: #
    1. Metal Diamond Segment DiscThis diamond grinding disc can be used on the manual and automatic polish line for polishing all sorts of natural stone materials.
      Grits Available:#00-0-1-2
    1. Polishing DiscThe polishing disc is designed for manual and automatic polisher to polish all kinds of stone materials.
      Grits Available: #
      Diameter (inch): 7"-8"-10"
    1. Floor Polishing PadThis floor polishing pad could be used to renovate the floor by processing the floorboards which are made of a variety of natural and synthetic stones.
    1. Cassani Type Floor Abrasive BlockThe cassani type abrasive block could process all kinds of stones including natural stone and synthetic stones to renew the floor.
    1. Quartz Stone Grinding FikertThe quartz stone grinding ficket is particularly suitable for polishing the artificial quartz stone before grinding.
    1. Tangential ToolsThere are two models for this tool. The model A is 140mm in length and the model B is 160mm in length. The tangential tools are ideal for the polish and semi-polish work. The rubber base in the module ensures the high flexibility of the module.

HUADA range of diamond grinding and polishing tool is mainly used for grinding and polishing on natural stone and artificial stone materials. Our stone grinding and polishing tools include diamond fickert, granite polishing abrasive and diamond roller, etc.

While choosing a stone grinding and polishing tool, take diamond fickert for example, please specify the following information: 
Length (mm)
Water Groove is desired or not? 
Segment Height (12, 15, or 20mm?)
Base Type (Steel or aluminium? If possible please offer the Base Drawing. Otherwise, we will make the base according to our standard.) 
Desired diamond particle size 
How many pcs diamond fickert is required for each grinding head? ( 6 or other No.?) Order quantity 
Machine Type (Made in which country? How many heads per machine?)
Machine Power 
Slab Feed Speed (M/Minute)
Standard Pressure 
Expected Polishing Life (How many SQM for each Grit?)
Expected Shipping Date
Special Requirements (If there is)

As a China stone grinding and polishing tool manufacturer, Huada provides a comprehensive range of products including horizontal core drilling machine, quarry wire saw machine, marble cutting diamond wire saw, granite polishing abrasives, grinding cup wheel, and more.