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DTH Drilling Machine

HUADA DTH drilling machine is designed for primary and secondary drilling in all stone quarries. We can offer machines for vertical, horizontal and slant drilling. Usually, this drilling equipment is used before wire saw cutting step.

Specifications of DTH Drilling Machine
(Item)/ (Model) QZ65-90B Multifunctional Pneumatic Drilling Machine QDZ65-90B Multifunctional Pneumatic/Electric Drilling Machine
Max. depth of drilling 35-40m 35m
Bore diameter ¢65-90mm ¢65-90mm
Drilling speed 6~8m/h 7~9m/h
Minimum air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa 0.5-0.7MPa
Total compressed air consumption 12~14m³/min 7~9m³/min
Feed travel 1m 1m
Feed drive system Pneumatic motor, reducer, chain Pneumatic motor, reducer, chain
The driving system for pneumatic rotation head Pneumatic motor, reducer Motor, reducer
Drilling direction any direction any direction
Adjustable height of supporting legs (jacks) 220mm 220mm
Pneumatic control panel Remote control, manual change direction Remote control ,manual change direction
Total weight 250Kg 250Kg

As a professional DTH drilling machine manufacturer in China, we also offer hydraulic stone jack machine, horizontal core drilling machine, marble cutting diamond wire saw, granite diamond blade, stone diamond dry cutter, diamond roller, multifunctional rock drilling machine, and much more.

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