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Wire Saw Machine for Stone Block Squaring

This wire saw machine is exclusively designed for squaring and chamfering large sized stone blocks in quarries, aiming to reduce unnecessary transportation expenses. Four newly-added stands help improve the equipment operation performance and make it possible to adjust the slant angle according to requirements.

Given below are more detailed descriptions on this type of wire saw. 
1. Mainly used for small area cutting in quarry and block trimming in workshop. 
2. A fixed 4-meter-long track is utilized to guide the cutting direction, which makes the cutting surface smooth and clean. 
3. A high power frequency converter is utilized to control flywheel main motor's rotation speed, and a small one to control the traveling speed of the machine. Meanwhile, the wire saw is PLC controlled. These ensure a precision performance.
4. Constant tension for the wire saw can be guaranteed during cutting. The speed of the trolley can be either manual or automatically controlled, which ensures optimum operation speed all the time and thus allowing the wire saw to work at an optimum state. 
5. The wire saw machine is designed with a protection system to prevent damages and injuries caused by wire rope broken. 
6. The control panel is easy to handle and can be positioned far away from the working area, so as to ensure the safety of operator.

Technical Specifications
Model DWSG-18A-6P
Main motor power 18.5KW-6P
Diameter of driving wheel (mm) Φ550
Length of wire 5-40m
Wire speed 0-40m/s
Target cutting material Marble, Granite

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