Huada Superabrasive Tool Technology Company Ltd.

Head Office Add.: HuiYiPeng Industrial Park, Huada Nanpu Industrial Zone, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. 
Factory Add.: Industrial Building in Huaqiao University, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. 
Post Code: 362021
Tel.: +86-595-2269-1763 
Fax: +86-595-2269-2763 
Contact person: Mr. Wu Jian (General Manager)

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The history of Huada Superabrasive Tool Technology Company Ltd. can be traced back to May of 2001. Owned by Huaqiao University, the manufacturing enterprise HUADA has set up several branches to specialize in manufacturing stone mining machinery, high-end diamond tools and diamond wire saws. The branches include stone mining machinery factory, diamond tool factory, and diamond abrasive factory. HUADA has been granted “Key Enterprises in Fengze District”, “Small Giant Technology Enterprises”, “Quanzhou Enterprises Engineering Technology Research Center”, and “High-tech Enterprises”. We have been awarded “Quanzhou Science and Technology Awards” and have obtained many patents. The honors in the past lay a solid foundation for the further development of HUADA.

HUADA’’s development is backed by professional R&D tam as well as production and management team, which is composed of professors, employers with Ph.D. degree, and senior engineers. Our products catalogue covers quarry machinery, diamond wire saws, drilling machines, stone cutting machines, diamond belt saw machines, hydraulic stone jack machines, multifunctional rock drilling machines, horizontal core drilling machines, various saw blades,metal diamond segment discs, marble polishing blocks, various drilling and grinding tools, and resin bonder abrasives. Some products have obtained core independent intellectual property rights and technology.

HUADA’s products have been exported to more than 10 countries, including Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, and India, etc. Our integrated services include selection of mines, mining planning, selection of mining machinery, provision of diamond wire saw and tools, etc. HUADA has the widest influence in the mining machinery industry.

HUADA takes great efforts in many aspects to achieve steady and continuous development.

1. HUADA actively participate in domestic and overseas high-end exhibitions to follow the trend of the mining machinery industry, so that the company can make timely development planning.

2. HHUDA strengthens cooperation with many countries. It has introduced the industry-leading Italian technology for research and development of resin binder abrasive, which is the first and industry-leading product in China.

3. We place more emphasis on management and technological innovation. We have continuously invested in automatic and semi-automatic equipment. From 2015 to 2016, our engineering tooling and equipment are transformed. The original manual diamond wire saws production line is replaced by automatic equipment, which frees workers’ hands with human resource reduction of more than 30% and improves about 80% production capacity. With an annual production capacity of 250,000 meters of diamond wire saws, HUADA plans to invest 10 million yuan in technological transformation of engineering tooling to achieve the annual yield of 350,000 meters of diamond wire saws.

4. HUADA’s R&D team is dedicated to developing new mining machinery. For better development and technological resources, we recruited Canadian experts as our technical adviser to help us solve technical problems. Learning from the experiences in mining sawing, we constantly improve mechanical and electric control system to update the mining machinery. From the first generation of mining machinery with digital display and key pad to the third generation of mining machinery with touch screen and remote control, our mining machinery is greatly optimized and realizes CNC control.

5. HUADA is honest to suppliers. We always pay our suppliers in time without debts. So some quality suppliers come to HUADA for cooperation. Their high quality materials ensure the quality of our machinery and help us win a good reputation.

6. HUADA is also supported by the professional sales team. Every sales person needs to be trained before formally taking his/her duty. They are able to provide customers with specialized services.

7. Our after-sales team is composed of highly qualified engineers. We set up offices in the areas that filled with many mines. When it comes to the machine failure, our engineers offer on-site maintenance and solve the problem in the shortest time. Our intimate after-sales services are highly valued by customers.

8. The sufficient capital ensures company’s investment and development. To enlarge HUADA’s production scale and further its development, HUADA’s new plant, which covers a floor area of 15472.63 square meters and building area of 28190.59 square meters. has been in construction since August, 2015. The first stage construction includes 2943.63-square-meter office building, 13511.36-square-meter multi-storey factory and 5545.07-sqaure-meter dormitory. The second-stage construction mainly covers 6000-sqaure-meter factory of steel structure. It is completed and put into use at the end of 2017. HUADA never ceases to bring forth new ideas to the processing of multifunctional quarry wire saw machinery and diamond wire saws. We aim to achieve over one hundred million sales in the future two years and be a listed company.